Everything was going well, until I reached the amount of money I had. I realized I had to pay more when I had to change the margins and formatting to fit the 5.5x8.5" page.

No problem. The very kind lady helping me told me that I needed to submit the cover pictures separate. The book had to be in PDF format, I understand. I sent the cover pics in jpg, like a fool, I guess.

Regardless, they were somehow able to know those pics would need a "bleed over" to fit properly.

Okay, so I sent a bigger pic in PDF not realizing she meant a non-content size increase - in other words, the "t" at the end of my title would be cut-off. I made a tiny mistake. In order to send new cover-pictures, I needed to pay an extra $35.

Not the whole book, just two pictures. I don't have the money for it, so I cancelled the order. $80 cancel fee. I understand the $80 is teaching me a lesson (sorry if that sounds sarcastic).

So, I gave away $80. I don't think I'll be able to publish.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this is how they *** out the garbage. I should just relax, right?

Monetary Loss: $80.

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They are heartless, when it come to the ones who answer the phone, however i ask to speak to the Manager concerning the same problem and he wave the fees, the are a good company but not perfect


I am doing my book right now with Piggypod. At first I was very proud of the company until a $40 fee showed up on my account.

I am going to talk with the manager tomorrow because I think they are taking advantage of their customers.... I hope that I can get them to understand that they are going to lose business by trying to be greedy up front.


You wouldn't have had to pay more to adjust the margins to 5.5x8.5 if you had followed directions and used the templates that they provide. As for sending the pictures in jpg, their website says is several places that it must be in PDF.

They even provide a free software to make it work. If you had used their software, or even talked to them before you went ahead ***-nilly and did things your own way, it would have been fast and easy. Also, they specifically tell you to leave a 3/8" margin for lettering on the cover. So, if you didn't do that, it is your fault that the T was cut.

It makes sense that if you messed up and they had to fix it, they should charge you for their time. That's why they have so many videos showing you how to do it. I have read that other people were able to call customer service and get instructions but I didn't need to do that.

The videos were sufficient. I can understand your frustration, but it is aimed in the wrong direction!!!


ok so where did you go instead?


I worked in quick print for too many years, and we always went the extra mile in prepress, to make the customers files work, whatever it took, even a little extra effort and time loss on our end. At least half our clients lacked the technical know-how to create files correctly.

Companies like DiggyPOD or CopyCraft have a zero tolerance for incorrectly formatted files. Rather than help you, they would prefer to penalize the customer, which only ensures a loss of business, exponentially.


Exact same thing happened to me. I spent hours and hours formatting my *** cover to perfection and it was rejected over and over with a threat of having to pay another $40 if it isn't perfect according to them, of course and even after that, it could be another $40.

It was like being in a meat grinder. You would think THEY would get tired of putting people through this but maybe this is how they make their money--by "fixing" your file. Yea.

Ok. Not going back.

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